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Σελίδες 4 / 25 , Ταινία: 100 / 721

    Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
    The Nice Guys
    The Angry Birds Movie
    La pazza gioia
    A Bigger Splash
    The Lobster
    Money Monster
    Captain America: Civil War
    Pelé: Birth of a Legend
Up for Love
    Mothers Day
    The Man Who Knew Infinity
    A Beautiful Planet
    Ratchet and Clank
    The Huntsman: Winters War
    Barbershop: The Next Cut
    The Jungle Book
    Louder Than Bombs
    Everybody Wants Some!!
    Eye in the Sky
    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
    Midnight Special
    The Young Messiah
    Triple 9

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Up for Love

Πρώτη Προβολή: 2016 Μαίος 04, N/A , λέπτα: 98 , Βαβμολογία: 48

Diane is a well-known lawyer, divorced for three years. She loses her mobile telephone and receives a call from the person who finds it. That person is Alexandre, a charming man and the perfect gentleman. They make a connection over the phone and agree to meet up the following day. But when Alexandre arrives, theres a surprise in store when Diane discovers he is only 4 6 tall. From that moment on, Diane tries to overcome the prejudices of society and her own fears to experience the best time of her life...

Γλώσσα: French, English
Χώρα: France
Βραβεία: 2 Υποψηφιότητες.
Βαθμολογία Imdb : 6.30
Ψηφοφορία Imdb: 4345
Κατηγορία: Comedy , Romance
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Πρωταγονιστές: Jean Dujardin , Virginie Efira , Cédric Kahn , Stéphanie Papanian

Σκηνοθεσία: Laurent Tirard

Σεναριο: Marcos Carnevale , Laurent Tirard , Grégoire Vigneron

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